Mysteries of Mind Space & Time-The Unexplained-26 Volume Set 1992

Mysteries of Mind Space & Time-The Unexplained-26 Volume Set 1992

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Mysteries of Mind Space and Time

The Unexplained

26 Volume Set


Volume 1: Acupuncture; Zigmund Jan Adamski; Alchemy; Alien Contacts; Sergeant Alkemade; Alternative Healing; American Kangaroos; American Lake Monsters; American Serpents; and Anastasia.

Volume 2: Ancient Astronauts; Ancient Gods; Ancient Technology; Andromeda Strain; Angels of Mons; Animal Intelligence; Anthropic Principle; Appearances; Eugene Aram; Ardachie Lodge; Jose Arigo; and Astrology.

Volume 3: Atlantis; Sai Baba; Ball Lightning; Barbados Coffins; Beast of Gevaudan; Comyns Beaumont; Bermuda Triangle; Bible Mysteries; Biorythms; Black Dogs; Black Holes; and Black Madonnas.

Volume 4: Madame Blavatsky; Borley Rectory; Adrian Boshier; Brahan Seer; British Scareships; John Cain; Campden Wonder; Cash-Landrum Case; Catastrophe Theory; Alien Cats; Edgar Cayce; Celtic Heads; Cergy-Pontoise Affair; Chanctonbury Ring; George Chapman; Christ's Tomb; and Clapham Wood.

Volume 5: Classic Poltergeists; Coincidences; Colour Psychology; Comets and Catastrophes; Constellations; Cosmic Joke; Cottingley Fairies; Gerard Croiset; Cross-Correspondences; and Andrew Crosse.

Volume 6: Aleister Crowley; Geraldine Cummins; Death Valley; John Dee; Delayed Death Touch; Demonic UFOs; Gilles DeRais; Prieure De Sion; Devon's Mysterious Footprints; Dinosaurs; Disappearances; and Divination.

Volume 7: Dowsing; Dragons; Dreams; Lord Dufferin; Helen Duncan; Dyfed Enigma; Earth Lights; Mysteries of Egypt; Electric People; and Electric Voice Phenomena.

Volume 8: End Times; Enfield Poltergeist; ESP; Executive ESP; Gambling ESP; On test ESP; and Eva C.

Volume 9: Evolution; Existence of God; Experimenter Effect; Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence; Fact Follows Fiction; Demons and Alien Fairies; Fantasy-Prone Personalities; Fireproof People; Fish Falls; Fishpond Enigma; Leslie Flint; and Flying Dutchman.

Volume 10: Charles Fort; Forteana; Fox Sisters; French Prophet; Freud and Psi; Fulcanelli; Eileen Garrett; Ghosts; Rose Gladden; and Glastonbury.

Volume 11: Glastonbury Scripts; Joan Grant; Great Hauntings; Great Lakes Triangle; Valentine Greatrakes; Green Children; Gurdjieff; Hanging Rock; and Kasper Hauser.

Volume 12: Betty and Barney Hill; Hollow Earth; Holy Blood, Holy Grail; D. D. Home; Judge Hornby; Houdini; Humanoids; Peter Hurkos; and Hypnosis.

Volume 13: Ice Ages; Ilkley Rocks; Images that Bleed and Weep; Icorruptible Corpses; Indian Rope Trick; Inspiration and Genius; Iridology; Irish Lake Monsters; Isle of Wight; Jinxes and Curses; Joan of Arc; Jung and Psi; King Arthur; and Katie King.

Volume 14: Kirlian Photography; Kubler-Ross; Labyrinths, Mazes and Spirals; John "Babacombe" Lee; Left and Right Brain; Tom Lethbridge; Eliphas Levi; Levitation; Leys; Lightning Calculators; Lines of Alaise; and Live Burials.

Volume 15: Loch Ness Monster; Raymond Lodge; Long Island Horror; Lost Civilizations; Lyonesse; Mammoths; Mysterious Man-Beasts; Man in the Iron Mask; Man-Made UFOs; and Matthew Manning.

Volume 16: Mars; Mary Celeste; Mass Hysteria; Meier Case; Men in Black; Merfolk; Mind and Brain; Mind Over Matter; Mirabelli; Miracle Cures; Moon Mysteries; and Multiple Personalities.

Volume 17: Natural Oddities; Nazca; Nazi Occult; Neanderthal Man; Joan Norkot; Isa Northage; No-War Prophecies; Numbers; Oak Island Money Pit; Observation Theories; Occult Chemistry; Occult Revival; and Old New World.

Volume 18: Harry Oldfield; Once Upon a Time; Origins of Life; Origins of Man; Other Dimensions; Out-of-the-Body Experiences; Oz Factor; Pachita; Eusapia Palladino; Future of Parapsychology; Perpetual Motion; Phaeton; Phantom Hitch-Hiker; Philadelphia Experiment; and Physical Mediums.

Volume 19: Physics and Psi; Pied Piper; Pluto; Edgar Allan Poe; Pole Reversal; Coral Polge; Poltergeists; Pope Joan; Prester John; Harry Price; Priddy Project; Princes in the Tower; and Psychic Art.

Volume 20: Psychic Dentistry; Psychic Surgery; Psychic UFOs; Psychics; Andrija Puharich; Queenie Nixon; Radionics; Wilhelm Reich; Reincarnated Twins; Rennes-le-Chateau; Ripper Murders; Rituals of Magic; Robin Hood; and William Roy.

Volume 21: Ruth and Reality; R101 Disaster; Sacred Geometry; Emilie Sagee; Count St Germain; St Medard; St Theresa of Lisieux; Willi and Rudi Schneider; Sea Monsters; Sensitive Plants; Ted Serios; Sex and Psi; Shamanism; Sadhu Sundar Singh; and Sirius B.

Volume 22: Society for Psychical Research; Solelectrics; Sorrat; Joanna Soutchott; Soviet Psi; Speaking in Tongues; Spiritism; Spirit Photography; Spontaneous Human Combustion; Spring-Heeled Jack; Standing Stones; Stigmatics; and Doris Stokes.

Volume 23: Strange Nature; Subud; Sun; Survival of Death; Swedenborg; Swiss Dream Case; Swiss Metal Bender; Talking Mongoose; Tantric Cults; Teleportation; Tesla; Robert Thouless; Time; and Time Loops.

Volume 24: Timeslips; Toads; Trulli of Alberobello; Return of the Tudors; Tulpas; Tunguska Explosion; Turin Shroud; Twins; UFO Cover-up; and UFO cults.

Volume 25: ,; Unidentified Submarine Objects; Vampires; Edgar Vandy; Velikovsky; Visions of the Virgin Mary; Von Mehesz's Machine; Voodoo; Voynich Manuscript; Vulcan; Helen Wambach; Weird China; Weird Winged Creatures.

Volume 26: Welsh Lights; Werewolves; Whisperers; William Rufus; Margo Williams; Window Areas; Witches of Bottesford; Witches of Salem; Origins of Zodiac; Zombies; and Index.


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